New trailer for ‘Silent House’

If you loved Elizabeth Olsen in her big-screen debut ‘Martha Marcy May Marlene’, then you’ll be thrilled to see the trailer for her newest project has now hit the web.

‘Silent House’ is a continuous-shot film that takes place during an evening at a quiet lakeside house. Trapped inside, Sarah (Olsen) quickly descends into madness as she grapples with a rising level of violence and terror from an unseen intruder. Based on the 2012 film by Gustavo Hernandez, the film is just the latest in a long line of American horror remakes, but what could set this one apart is the top-notch acting from Olsen. Fingers crossed!

If you’re hoping for spills and chills, then this first trailer might prove a bit boring. We’re not shown any stalkers, blood and gore, or other spooky standbys in the close-up shots; instead, we hear creepy noises, slamming doors, screams, and plenty of thumps in the night. It looks like directors Chris Kentis and Laura Lau are taking a page from other recent horror films that have showed off a bit too much in their trailers, and are trying to maintain the air of mystery until fans actually get to the theatre. Sounds like a good plan to me!

The younger sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley, Olsen first turned heads in 2011 when she took on the title role in the indie thriller ‘Martha Marcy May Marlene’. The movie became a film festival hit, with Olsen portraying an escaped cult member who struggles to assimilate back into normal life. Despite Olsen’s electrifying turn in the film, she’s somehow still flying under the radar in the 2012 awards madness, but that’s okay—she isn’t sitting idle.

In addition to ‘Silent House’, Olsen has at least five more films lined up for the next couple of years. Her film festival comedy/drama ‘Peace, Love, and Misunderstanding’–which lined her up with more seasoned actors like Catherine Keener and Jane Fonda—has yet to find a wide release date, though it should hit screens sometime in 2012. She also has roles in the dramedy ‘Liberal Arts’, about a mismatched college romance; and will star alongside Robert De Niro and Sigourney Weaver in the creepy thriller ‘Red Lights’, about a paranormal investigator whose research leads her to a famous psychic.

Next year, we can see Olsen take the title role in the thriller ‘Therese Raquin’, based on the play by Neal Bell. The storyline finds Raquin and her lover murdering Raquin’s husband, only to find themselves haunted by his ghost and subsequently turning on each other. She’s also set to star with Dakota Fanning and Dustin Hoffman in the comedy ‘Very Good Girls’, about friends who make a pact to lose their virginity; there’s no release date available for that movie yet.

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