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TIFF 2015 Review: Love

Perhaps the most anticipated film of the festival, at least in certain circles, Love is truly fascinating, but not for the reasons that one might think.

Is it sexually explicit? You bet, and right from the first scene, this is clear, (and the film also has a bit of fun exploring the 3D genre).

But there are problems with Love, major issues that cannot be glossed over by a little back and forth. The casting is a little suspect. More mainstream actors may have been frightened off by the graphic content, (though graphic imagery was likely used liberally), but casting Karl Glusman as the lead of an over two hour movie is not the best of decisions. Despite emoting a lot like Jesse Pinkman, he just does not possess the charisma to pull off Murphy, (who seems to be named as such just for an easy gag).

Faring slightly better is Aomi Muyock as Electra (what is with these names?), the first love of Murphy of whom he looks back on extremely fondly. He has a baby with Omi (Klara Kristin), and it is quickly revealed as to why and how, and how much regret is within Murphy for screwing it all up.

But this sense of regret does not make the film more enjoyable. Ultimately, while not being erotic, the film is compulsively watchable. This despite being about bad people doing bad things. Gaspar Noé knows what he’s doing, but that doesn’t make it Love at first sight.

[star v=25]