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Interview: Leigh Whannell and Lin Shaye talk INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3

The third installment in what could be a lengthy Insidious series brings back a supporting character and makes her the lead. Lin Shaye, an actress who is no stranger to horror, returns for Chapter 3 as Elise Rainier, a woman who can speak to the dead.

In this film, a prequel written and directed by Leigh Whannell who penned the first two films while also portraying a quirky ghost hunter, Elise is solicited by a teenage girl named Quinn trying to speak to her dead mother. She warns her of the dangers of doing such things while professing to be retired. Of course Elise returns to her craft, but in doing so welcomes back to her world a spirit that has been long hunting. As Quinn has allowed an evil spirit to haunt her, Elise tries to save Quinn and her family, rid her own life of a demon, and recconnect with her deceased husband.

Shaye and Whannell sat down in Toronto to talk about the film, their thoughts on the paranormal, and what could be in store in the future for this franchise.

Anthony Marcusa

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