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Hot Docs 2015 Review: Seth's Dominion

Seth’s Dominion is an exploration into the thought-process of Canadian cartoonist Seth (real name Gregory Gallant), a pre-eminent figure of the alternative Canadian comic scene, and the creator of such popular and celebrated books such as Palookaville and It’s A Good Life If You Don’t Weaken.

Consisting mostly of candid interviews that took place between 2006 and 2013, one is able to obtain a fully realized portrait of Seth’s craft, his motivations, and how he views himself. In addition, director Luc Chamberland goes above and beyond to include numerous scenes of animation and puppetry in the style of Seth’s illustrations, that depict his memories and gives life to his artistry. Conceived with a stark sense of beauty, these sequences oscillate between nostalgia and melancholy, allowing for the viewer to obtain a closer association to the titular figure, and capture his unique sense of perspective. It goes without saying that these segments stand out as the most outstanding element, and make the documentary well-worth visiting on that aspect alone.

At a brief runtime of 42 minutes, Seth’s Dominion is thoroughly intriguing, and operates as a showcase for the rare breed of artist who has built a career on continuing the craft for the sake of itself. Long time fans and those who know little about Seth are bound to be entertained on equal grounds, as Chamberland has managed to create a passionate tribute to an exemplary figure of the contemporary comics world.

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