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Hot Docs 2015 Review: Rolling Papers

Rolling Papers is a film containing such incredible energy, which serves as a counter to the idea of potheads being slack.

Mitch Dickman’s film, which documents the response to marijuana becoming legalized in Colorado on January 1st, 2014, and the frenzied but organized line of people lining up to partake on this particular day.

But as much as Rolling Papers is about pot, the title could also refer to the venerable institution of newspapers. Because once marijuana became legalized, The Denver Post’s editor Ricardo Baca launched an offshoot of the paper called The Cannabist, which serves as a kind of Wine Spectator, but for weed instead.

The film becomes less about debate about the pros and cons of legalization, but more about an appreciation of cannabis culture in general, including when Baca searches for “pot critics”, and seeing hired experts describe different strains with terms generally more prominent in Yelp reviews.

In short, this is fascinating high, and although the energy dips a little, Dickman keeps things rolling with a blazing beat.

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