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Hot Docs 2016 Review: Fraud

Dean Fleischer-Camp presents his ambitious film Fraud with a title card written in white writing over a black background. This reviewer is no expert in font, though it can be imagined that this card is written in a jagged style meant to represent the film as a whole, (it also appears at the end of the film, which runs under an hour).

The film is meant to send up YouTube videos, creating a narrative from hours of footage from an unnamed couple and their children, captured mainly in the Northeast United States. It is unclear to what the title Fraud refers, but one can imagine that it is in reference to technology, specifically the iPhone 5, which is funit because much of the footage looks like it was shot on an iPhone, by an outsider.

For some reason the film is reminiscent of The Dirties despite being very dissimilar in overall structure and mainly in tone. The film feels like a bold experiment, and is decent enough upon reflection, but in the moment feels very skippable. This may be the point, but it doesn’t make for an enjoyable movie watching experience.

[star v=3]