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Hot Docs 2015 Review: Mavis!

The film Mavis!, one of two documentaries at Hot Docs focusing on music and directed by Canadians named Jessica Edwards absolutely bursts with energy. The film was a worthy recipient of a long standing ovation at SXSW.

Mavis Staples is a very complex subject but the way that Edwards bobs and weaves throughout Mavis! is nothing short of extraordinary. Clearly, there are (at least) two strong women at the front and centre of Mavis!

If any complaint could be levelled against Mavis! it is perhaps that the journey is too quick, and does not go in-depth to the point of really understanding the drive within Mavis!

But this desire quickly recedes because Edwards brings the action, (and indeed, action is the correct word, judging by all of the nodding heads and hand claps in the audience). Mavis! is a more than worthy introduction into the life of the gospel / soul singer, but clearly, this is an introduction.

So like every great documentary, think of Mavis! as a rocking introduction to the life of Mavis Staples, (and to some really surprising figures turning up in unexpected places), but this is just the beginning of the Mavis Staples rejuvenation and there is clearly also so much more to come from the sublimely talented Jessica Edwards.

[star v=4]