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Hot Docs 2019 Review: Hope Frozen

Hope Frozen is curious, heart-breaking, and a bit eerie.

The documentary Hope Frozen takes a story that is both difficult and bizarre, and uses every possible angle to present a carefully arranged debate that is both objective and emotional. It follows the story of a Thai family who made the controversial decision to cryogenically preserve (freeze) their two year old daughter, affectionately nicknamed Einz, who lost her life to brain cancer. But by freezing her, they hope that one day she can be brought back to life. Their choice to do this is seen as all the more controversial in a Buddhist culture where it conflicts with the religion’s beliefs.

The documentary explores all the different questions you might have, and satisfyingly explores the stories mix of human interest, science, and philosophy, all while tugging at your heart strings. We see the very nature of humanity being questioned (can the dead come back to life?), while seeing human nature in its purest form: parents fighting for their children’s survival.

Andrew Lewis

Andrew Lewis is a British writer who got lost in Toronto and decided to stay there. He likes indie films and bragging about liking indie films.