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Hot Docs 2016 Review: The Islands and the Whales

If your idea of Hot Docs is to see an immersive film, then stop leafing through the program book and pick up a ticket for The Islands and the Whales this minute.

Mike Day’s adventure into the Faroe Islands to explore the polluted waters certainly features striking visuals, though it is in the area of creating a soundscape where the film truly flourishes. For although the film is captivating, it’s on a subject that’s hard to form an alternate opinion. Best to have already been converted to the idea of environmental salvation, especially in a troubled region.

Back to the sound, though. Day had partnered with Skywalker Sound to create a fully immersive Dolby Atmos film experience. The whale cries will surround you, and the shimmering effect of being in this region will come close to haunting your dreams. All in all, it’s a sound lover’s dream.

The images are arresting as well, and once Pamela Anderson appears on screen, the cries will ring even louder. The Islands and the Whales should definitely  be kept on the radar (or sonar)

[star v=3]