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PIF 13 Review: GMO OMG


A father (Jeremy Seifert) makes conscientious choices to feed his three young children well. When he learns about GMOs and that they are in almost everything we eat he goes on a quest to learn as much as he can about what they are, why they exist in the forst place and what they could be doing to our bodies and the earth

Jeremy Seifert (Director and concerned father), various experts on GMOs, the public

GMOs are truly insidious. So much so in fact that as you read this very review sipping your coffee you are unwittingly ingesting GMOs via the milk. Even if it it happens to be organic milk. The film does an excellent job of explaining why that is and the reasons may shock you.

The best part of this film is when Seifert travels to Haiti to speak to a group of farmers protesting the agricultural giant Monsanto. They do this by burning the seeds that have been donated to them. Despite their destitution they are truly appalled and angered at the thought of being coerced into growing GMO crops. Makes you wonder why we aren’t the same way.

Seifert talks to everyone he can get a hold of from seed salesmen to farmers to scientists. He even approaches Monsanto. It drags along in some parts but if you stick with it you will be rewarded by this fascinating and ultimately horrifying documentary.

Should You See It?
Even if you consider yourself to be GMO-savvy you will still find this documentary to be informative and shocking. It’s a real-life horror story that we are all unwittingly living each day