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Blu-ray Review: Game of Thrones Season 3

Ahead of the much-anticipated fourth season, one whose teasers and trailers and previews have made a fandom even more rabid, Game of Thrones has released their Season 3 box set collection to re-familiarize and engage anew.

The entire third season box set, which includes DVD, Blu-Ray, and Digital Download, may not look ahead to a Season Four that has sent fans crazy, but it certainly satisfies and entertains the most captive of audience members.

The glossy, potent box set is enough to get any fan excited, well before ripping into all that await inside. The weighty digital tome looks the part, and as well it should – in a world with streaming services, on the go or at least, and the convenience of computer copies, the expectations and justification for something tangible are higher.

Game of Thrones is more than weighty, from the beautiful photos that adorn the inside of the set to the  imposing nature of the discs, it all feels worthy for the fans of the acclaimed fantasy.

As for what’s inside, what is most rewarding is the fact that the box set caters wonderfully to the more casual fan as well as the hardcore one. That is to say, you can enjoy the show in its physical, mystical, and narrative beauty, by knocking off the episodes (in any viewing mode you wish, binging or otherwise), but for those who want to delve deeper in the forest, there is much added content as well.

While watching, you are offered an ‘in-episode’ guide, an addendum that helps identify characters and locations. It’s a piece of novelty that may help newer fans keep track, or refresh the memories of those who are gearing up for Season 4. It’s one way to watch the ten episodes, while another may be to enjoy the multitude of audio commentaries. While one episode has none, several others have multiple tracks, making for repeated viewing.

There too of course are a modest amount of extended and deleted scenes to enjoy, as well as plenty of behind the scenes action and intrigue. The highlight, without a doubt, though, is the focus on the infamous episode ‘The Red Wedding.’ It’s the one that every heard about, whether or not they watched the show.

There is a lengthy and intensely in-depth extra that explores the creation of the story and episode, including thoughts from the author and actors, as well as all the technical details, such as how much blood was used.  In all, this extra, entitled ‘The Rains of Castamere,’ is a fantastic addition to one of the most memorable episodes in the history of television.

At times it can be hard to justify the purchase of a box set of a show that can be so easily (and legally) accessed elsewhere, but Game of Thrones really is worth it. From the beautiful graphics and sound, to all the extra detail in a world that can be very complex and at times hard to follow, this box set is perfect for fans. What’s more, with its mid-February release, here is plenty of time to go through, once or twice or thrice, and gear up for what is sure to be a crazy Season 4.

Anthony Marcusa

A pop-culture consumer, Anthony seeks out what is important in entertainment and mocks what is not. Inspired by history, Anthony writes with the hope that someone, somewhere, might be affected.