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Family Matters: 5 Questions with Linda Cardellini of Bloodine

The slow burn, edge of your seat Netflix Canada show Bloodline, starring Linda Cardellini, was recently renewed for a second season. We recently sat down with Cardellini at a downtown hotel, where she spoke effusively about the scope and reach of the platform: “I love what Netflix is doing. I like to binge watch, and I also like to find a lot of documentaries you couldn’t watch before”. The petite and friendly actress had some great praise for her TV Family, and revealed some surprises about Bloodine.

Scene Creek: How are viewers consuming your show?

Linda Cardellini: This series is relatively new for me now. You know, my sister finished it in two days, (laughing) there are people who are just (italics) binging it, and there are people that are going more slowly, and I think that’s the fun. You can sit and choose if you have the time to watch one…or thirteen.

SC: What has the feedback been like?

LC: People are getting a little obsessed with it, which is really fun (laughs) for me. That’s really wonderful. The thing about being on Netflix is that people literally say “I stayed up too late watching last night”, which is bad for them, but great for us.

SC: How does it feel to be working with these actors?

LC: I could not be more thrilled that they are my TV family. They are such incredible talents. You know, Sissy Spacek and Sam Shepard as your parents, that’s a total actor’s dream. He’s such an American institution, you know, I don’t know anyone who comes to set who hasn’t done one of his plays, I did Mad Dog Blues in college. He’s so influential. He’s an enormous talent. You feel the weight of his presence no matter what. Sissy is just extraordinary. There’s no one like her. There never will be.

SC: Do you to tend to gravitate towards projects that are morally questionable?

LC: I am attracted to storytelling, and I think if I can life to those stories. I learn something from everybody. And if you put those people’s awards (laughing) on one table, the table might break. There are Oscars and Emmys and Tonys and Pulitzers. There are so many accomplished people, and being able to play with those people, and doing what I love with these people—it’s a gift.

SC: Does the atmosphere of the Florida Keys affect your performance as Meg Rayburn?

LC: The Keys is different. You’re taking all of us out of our everyday normal life. We moved to the Keys and worked together for eight months on what are essentially small islands, put together by this two lane road. We were out there together on an island literally and figuratively.

All thirteen episodes of Bloodline are currently available for streaming, exclusively on Netflix Canada.