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Event Recap: Toronto Comicon 2019

Just like clockwork, another Toronto Comicon has come and gone. Thousands of people descended on the Metro Toronto Convention Centre dressed in costumes, all ready to get their geek on!

The vibe of Comicon is something that is truly a sight to behold. When you walk towards the con, you see small sprinkles of people in costume here and there. As you get closer, more and more. Soon, its people of all fandoms, dressed as their favourite characters, all together smiling, getting photos with one another. It’s like they’re home. 

Once you get further in, theres dealers as far as you can see. Amongst a sea of con-goers are everything your geek heart could ever want. That Power Rangers helmet, there. That Harry Potter wand, there. Whatever you want, there. But its not just limited to dealers. There is also many independent artists selling their many works in the area known as Artist Alley. Its here you can find things such as artwork, pins, trinkets. Here is where you go to find truly one of a kind works found nowhere else.

And of course, is the many celebrity guests doing Q&As, photo-ops, and signing autographs. This years roster had notable stars such as Jaleel White, Ron Perlman, Dan Fogler, John Rhys-Davies, and many more. Wherever you go, there were many people so excited to meet them, myself included!

Toronto Comicon is the little sister con to the much larger Fan Expo happening in August, so definitely make sure to attend that as well. But definitely make sure to attend Toronto Comicon again next year!

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