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Edgar Wright at the Toronto Premiere of The World's End

Last night at the TIFF Bell Lightbox, eOne Films organized the Toronto premiere of The Worlds End featuring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost directed by Edgar Wright, who was there!

The line started to form last night at 4:30 in the afternoon, which for a screening is actually pretty crazy. The theatre got packed fairly quickly, then out of absolutely no where a man walks into the theatre and takes a reserved seat. Before he took a seat there was a giant clap and round of applause, who else was it than Guillermo Del Toro!

If that wasn’t exciting enough Teddy Wilson came out onto the stage and announced Edgar Wright’s introduction! Mr. Wright goes on to introduce the movie and describes it as a pub-crawl and admits that he couldn’t meet the World’s End and only made it to the sixth pub himself! His small spiel truly encompassed the mood and spirit of the movie, as the adventure began!

Now if seeing The World’s End early with Edgar Wright and Guillermo Del Toro wasn’t exciting enough, the Q&A after which originally was scheduled to be curated by Teddy Wilson took an amazing turn. Teddy turned the duties over to the one and only Del Toro! It had everyone going crazy and just made everything that much more exciting. Some interesting points that Edgar Wright pointed out from Del Toro’s questions were that the shooting of The World’s End only took 12 weeks, which was a little longer than Hot Fuzz. The use of blue blood was very Flash Gordon esq as Del Toro pointed out, that got a pretty large reaction from the audience. As well unlike most movies the entire film was shot in sequence of the script, as well as it staying true to most of the script with very few changes. The highlight of the Q&A though was hearing how Edgar Wright came across the idea of The World’s End he admits it was a concept he had for a while but it fully came to play on the Hot Fuzz press tour.

The World’s End comes out August 23rd and it’s a great finale to the trilogy that has brought these talents together. In the meantime, go get yourself some Cornetto ice cream to tie yourself over until the hilarity ensues.

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Photography Credit: Marc Levy