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DVD Review: Shared Rooms

One of the most significant film companies is Wolfe Video. The company has been operating continuously since 1985. Initially it began as a distribution service for lesbian VHS tapes, but has since grown to include LGBT titles, which is incredible for the company to be in existence for over thirty years.

Wolfe Video’s latest title is Shared Rooms and is the perfect film for the this time of year as it takes place between Christmas and New Year’s (we can only imagine that watching the film on the circuit in say, July, may have been less appropriate). It is the latest feature from writer / director Rob Williams and it is his strongest film to date. Sure it is a little bit limited by what we imagine is a small budget (an Indiegogo campaign helped to fund the film), but Shared Rooms offers some characteristics that would definitely make the film worthy of a recommendation: a memorable score from Brent Hengeveld, some genuinely heartfelt and funny moments with married couple Laslo and Cal at the centre, and perhaps best of all, hot sex scenes with male frontal nudity!

While Shared Rooms is a holiday treat, there is a film released by Wolfe Video a little earlier that embodies the summer, and is actually quite stunning. This film is Stephen Cone’s Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party. The movie is genuinely heartfelt and honest, and is very much a commentary on the intersection of theology and homosexuality. The opening scene alone is definitely worth watching, and the film features Canadian actor Pat Mills in a role very different from his turn in Guidance. What is surprising is that the film is available on Netflix Canada, which means that it can be paired with another program featuring actor Joe Keery, Stranger Things. Keery plays Steve Harrington on the Netflix exclusive, and in the film plays a very non-Steve role as Gabe, who shares a tender scene with Cole Doman’s Henry Gamble.