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Review: Dirty Weekend

Dirty Weekend presents us with the well-worn trope of young idealistic schoolgirl in a doomed romance with a narcissistic middle-aged man. Considering that this was made for the VOD and digital markets the production value is actually quite good but sadly the writing and acting is wanting in many places. Pierre Perrier (Les Revenants) is both easy on the eyes and provides comic relief as a robber on the run. It’s unfortunate that there aren’t more scenes with his character as these were the only truly enjoyable points of the film. Both Jamie Parker and Kirsty Oswald do an adequate job of playing Mike and Trish. Oswald has a tendency to over-act though, so at times it feels like one is watching a British soap. Which of course is fine provided that you’re into hammy melodramatic acting.

The audience is not given much credit for being able to figure out things without having a sledgehammer or pick-axe (a reference to one particular scene) smashed over them. Scenes that are supposed to be funny just aren’t – especially those featuring the crooked police duo. Even the plot twists are not surprising provided that you have eyes and have been watching the film from the beginning.

The countryside and architecture of Normandy are stunning and perhaps this and Perrier are the only real reasons to watch this.

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