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Cineplex Halloween Double Feature

It is that time of year again, when the spookiest movies come out, some good horror fair emerges and some classics reappear on the big screen. This year is no different as Cineplex is bringing back some of the classic Halloween movies.

Now these movies may not be the typical horror fare that we have been exposed to in the last few decades such as Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th or the Saw franchise but they definitely still qualify as Halloween fair, just something less terrifying and more spooktacular.

First up is George Waggners The Wolf Man, which is about Lon Chaney Jr. being attacked at night by a mythical creature that his mind tells him cannot exist as he transforms into a hybrid of werewolf and man. Minus the hilarity of Teen Wolf, The Wolf Man is one of those all time classic horror films that is sure to fulfill your Halloween goals.

Next up is Karl Freund’s The Mummy starring Boris Karloff. Again being something form the earlier part of the century it is not the scariest of the horror genre out there, however it does have some excellent entertainment value. Boris Karloff as the mummy is stalking this poor women, who he is lead to believe is the reincarnation of his long lost lover. On top of that, with this years newest Halloween releases, this is surely a better choice over the night of the undead, Ouija.

Cineplex movies is showcasing the double classic horror films of The Wolf Man and The Mummy tonight ONLY across Cineplex theatres. Check your local listings for locations. All show times start at 7pm EST.