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John and Abby Reynolds are a married couple who have been together since their days as high school sweethearts - when John was a football hero and Abby dreamed of becoming a writer. Now in their forties, Abby is a restaurant critic for a local newspaper and John is a football coach at their son's high school. Though their seemingly perfect marriage is the envy of their peers, the truth is that they have fallen out of love, and plan to announce their impending divorce during their daughter Nicole's upcoming college break. But John and Abby's plan takes a turn when an elated Nicole surprises them with an announcement that she has gotten engaged. Not wanting to put a damper on Nicole's cherished event, John and Abby agree to wait until after her wedding to tell her about their divorce. With the clock ticking and John and Abby helping Nicole prepare for her wedding day, they perhaps have one last chance to again find their love.  Photo: Dan Payne  Credit:  Copyright 2016 Crown Media United States, LLC/Photographer:  Bettina Strauss

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