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Cannes 2013: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


SceneCreek was back in the hustle and bustle of another intense Cannes Film Festival. Opening with The Great Gatsby, we were once again disappointed with an awkward A-list comedy show on the red carpet. And the Carey Mulligan obsession was way OTT. I must say, her kiss with Leonardo DeCaprio didn’t make my Top 10 Best Kisses. It wouldn’t even make my Top 50.

Anyway, some French Lesbian film totally deserved the Palm D’Or prize because it was all anyone could talk about. It was one of the last films to premiere and all I heard from fellow critics was, “Omg, that blue whatever movie is absolutely fantastic. It’s got to win!” I just have one comment on that – clearly the title of the film is way too difficult not only to pronounce, but to remember. Congrats though, Blue Is The Warmest Colour must engage with a wide array of uncomfortable subjects no one is obnoxious enough to challenge.

Overall I was pretty unimpressed with the selection of movies on competition and the parties were weak. I mean, if the life of the party is Cara Delevingne and Paris Hilton, we’ve got a problem. (“We on a yacht, yo!” – oh wait, are those the wrong lyrics? Sorry Leo).

However, some dude totally impersonated Psy and brought Gangnam Style to France. Some jewels were appropriately stolen during the debut of The Bling Ring and Eva Longoria did a terrible job hiding her not-so-removed tramp stamp.

But beyond all the glitz and the glamour, the best moments were hanging out at the Nespresso bar, where they brought in a few new flavours – some beans from Hawaii and India. Oh yes they did.

They even created an interactive(ish) Cannes app, stacked with downloadable schedules, pictures and even a map of the Palais. Although to be honest, I’d really just prefer free WiFi. Us journalists, we’re pretty simple.

One last thing. This year I got proof that celebrities are (really) just like us. I randomly bumped into Rashida Jones at the panini shop outside the Palais. We talked about how difficult the French language is (she was there taking classes), and she mentioned how much she enjoyed Toronto International Film Festival. Well, we’re glad to see she’s #TeamTIFF.

And that’s all the scoop I’ve got, folks. Until next time!

Amanda Chen

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