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Cannes 2012 Review: Deja Vu

I’ve only seen one film from Wong Kar -Wai, and all I can say is he sure knows now to make average things look deliriously beautiful. His imagery makes you fall in love with every little thing that tickles your eye. In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Chivas House whiskey, I was fortunate enough to watch the preview of Wong Kar Wai’s short, Deja Vu. Beyond the lovely h’ors deus and whiskey cocktails, the film is basically a extremely fancy commercial featuring Chivas whiskey.

As model turned actress Du Juan says, “Love is like ice. How long can you hold on to it?” Deja Vu definitely has more sex appeal than Wong Kar-Wai’s normally sensual romantic stories. But how can we not be attracted to the beautiful people, the red carpet, a historical story and of course, a little whiskey?

In 1999, Wong Kar Wai was the first Chinese director to win at Cannes. Although we’re sad to see him off the line-up, I’m sure this film will shake some tails.

Du Juan at the conference

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