‘MIB3’ finally unseats ‘Avengers’ with $55 million weekend

‘The Avengers’ finally met its match this weekend when ‘Men In Black 3′ arrived in theatres. After holding the number one spot at the box office for three straight weekends, Marvel’s superhero flick was unseated by the sci-fi/comedy sequel, which raked in $55 million over the three-day weekend.

That’s the best opening yet for the ‘MIB’ franchise; the first film opened with $51 million and the sequel opened with $52 million. Both of those films went on to gross around $200 million apiece, so we’ll see if ‘MIB3’ follows their trajectory over the coming weeks.

Despite being bumped down to number two, ‘The Avengers’ still pulled in a respectable $37 million over the weekend—more than some recent releases have managed to snag on their first weekend out. So far that film has grossed over $513 million at the domestic box office, which makes it the fourth-highest grossing film on both the domestic and worldwide charts thus far.

‘Battleship’ sunk to third place with a mere $10.8 million weekend, bringing the movie’s total domestic haul over two weekends to a paltry $44.3 million. While the movie did great overseas, it looks like North American audiences just weren’t feeling yet another Hasbro toy adaptation.

‘The Dictator’ also dropped one spot, landing in fourth place with $9.6 million. Sacha Baron Cohen’s third big-screen outing is turning out to be his least profitable, although it posted only a 44.9% second weekend drop; Cohen’s sophomore effort, ‘Bruno’, dropped a staggering 72.8% going into the second weekend.

Finally, debuting in fifth place is the found-footage flick ‘Chernobyl Diaries’, which pulled in $8 million over the weekend. Compared to writer Oren Peli’s pull for ‘Paranormal Activity’–which opened in limited release and managed a mere $77,873 over opening weekend—that’s a lot. But Peli’s ‘Paranormal’ franchise has been pulling much higher numbers in recent autumns, with ‘Paranormal Activity 3’ pulling in $52.5 million on opening weekend. And it’s much lower than other recent found-footage flicks like ‘The Devil Inside’ ($33.7 million) or ‘Chronicle’ ($22 million).

Martha Hokenson
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