‘End of Watch’, ‘House at the End of the Street’ tie for first with $13 million

It was another lackluster September weekend at the box office, with three new releases turning in modest totals and two of them tied for first place. The cop drama ‘End of Watch’ and the horror flick ‘House at the End of the Street’ both raked in around $13 million this weekend.

‘End of Watch’ nearly doubled its modest $7 million budget with that haul and is sitting at an average level for a cop movie. ‘House’, meanwhile, topped its own $10 million budget and is performing about average for a September horror movie. Neither movie was heavily marketed but both might still manage to turn it a small profit thanks to good word of mouth.

In third place, Clint Eastwood’s baseball drama ‘Trouble With the Curve’ opened with $12.7 million. It’s a tight race between these three films so it’s hard to say which movie will ultimately come out on top when the actuals are reported on Monday afternoon. For now, ‘Trouble’ is about on par for the baseball genre, which has never seen huge box office numbers anyway, and seems to be receiving neutral word of mouth.

‘Finding Nemo 3D’ dropped from second to fourth place this weekend with $9.4 million. The movie is so far lagging well behind every other 3D re-release to precede it and looks like it’s going to swim quietly out of theatres before long.

Last week’s number one film ‘Resident Evil: Retribution’ dropped nearly 69% to wind up in fifth place, pulling in only $6.7 million. That’s the worst second-weekend drop for any film in the franchise.

One last note: ‘Dredd’ opened in sixth place with a paltry $6.3 million. That’s about half the take of the original ‘Judge Dredd’, which in itself was considered a flop upon release; it looks like the reboot will be gone before long. It’s partly bad timing, partly audience frustration with remakes, and partly niche targeting: the movie scored high with comic book fanboys, but they’re just not a big enough audience to drive strong numbers at the box office.

Martha Hokenson
If I'm not watching a good movie, it's probably because I'm writing about one. I keep adding new titles to my 'must see' movie list and I hope to watch them all before DVDs become obsolete.

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  • Bryan Murray

    Yes, but only one film actually made money …. House At The End Of The Street