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Blu-ray Review: The Paperboy


The Movie:
A story set in the late 60s early 70s about a trio of paperboys and a jailbird loving women trying to find the truth about the murder of a police officer in the state of Florida. It follows the events of the paperboys investigation in trying to solve the case as to whether or not Hillary Van Wetter truly killed the officer or not.

In a movie like this, it would be hard to stylize in such a way that its truly off putting and plainly vulgar, yet somehow Lee Daniels manages to leave me with that impression. The Paperboy comes off as an over stylized poorly written, sub-par acted drama that somehow made its way to the festival circuit but never saw the light of day. It’s hard to watch at times, and at others too unappealing to stay attentive too.

Bonus Features:
In short, it’s the compiled interviews that are another feature on the blu-ray. They discuss the work atmosphere and what it was like that drew them to the movie and their overall experience, so forth. Not really what is expected from a featurette especially when there are interviews on the blu-ray as well.

Director, Cast & Crew Interviews:
If this interests you, prepared to be massively disappointed. The interviews end practically when they start, they are so incredibly short that its entirely forgettable. The entirety of all of their ‘interviews’ reaches roughly 10 minutes and that’s talking to six separate people. The most interesting response was Nicole Kidman who stated that she chose to come aboard because it is so uncharacteristic of who she is. They aren’t much of an interview, but it’s also not much of a movie, unfortunately.

Should You Buy It?
Under no circumstances should you buy this ‘film’. It’s a bad movie. If you enjoyed it, ask yourself if you’d truly ever watch it again. Once? It would be available on Netflix about when you would. If you have interest, go to your local grocery store find the DVD rental machines and pay a toonie. ONLY if you have interest.