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Blu-ray Review: Suicide Squad

The film that literally took over the streets of the city for a few months last summer, the much discussed Suicide Squad arrives on Blu ray + DVD + Digital HD on December 13th, and the biggest surprise of the year is that the film is…surprisingly decent.

The ending is a little rough and the evidence of the reshoots is sometimes pretty clear, but one aspect of David Ayer’s comic book adaptation that stands out is that in the right setting, there is a lot of excitement that comes out of this film, and the Blu- ray is a perfect time to get a “skwad” over for the holidays and see for yourself.

In this reviewer’s eyes, the film is driven by Margot Robbie’s performance as Harley Quinn (and as Doctor Quinzel), as her take on co-dependency and madness is the most interesting eye-catching performance. Another, startlingly, is Jai Courtney’s take on an Australian redneck called Captain Boomerang, who despite seemingly drinking the same can of beer throughout seems like…well, like someone with which you’d like to have a beer.

The soundtrack is pretty rollicking as well, led by Grammy nominated Twenty Pilots and their song Heathens, which received peak play, the score and soundtrack seem to fit the ever changing moods of the Squad. The CD feels like a keeper.

The rainbow tinge of the film works best when watching the extended cut of the movie (both versions are included as a part of the package). The Extended Cut actually feels like a necessary upgrade, with longer Harley Quinn sequences, more backstory, and more of the Joker’s whip. Interestingly, the backstory found on the special features is a delight for newbies that may not be familiar with the characters and their origins. We knew that Harley Quinn was relatively recently added to the Squad (actually receiving her origins on the Batman: Animated Series first), but information as to the genesis of Viola Davis’s Amanda Waller is extremely helpful. It grounds her take on the character in context, and makes her selection of the role seem like a natural fit. Some other characters that benefit from a backstory include Joel Kinnaman’s Rick Flag and the aforementioned Captain Boomerang, who was initially designed as a sort of lawless character who could pretty much do anything.

The best special feature of the Suicide Squad set reveals that the cast, after undergoing extensive training and bonding sessions, got along famously with each other and with director David Ayer, including Cara Delevingne, who wasn’t even technically a part of the squad. In fact, this bonding goes a long way to substantiating the idea that Robbie bringing a tattoo gun to the set was a smart idea. It takes a special cast and director to form a bond and from all accounts it seems that this Suicide Squad truly did form a Skwad.