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Review: Bad Milo


A stressed-out Ken, husband and peon, will soon learn that his stomach problems are caused by a creature living inside him that occasionally exits his body at night – through his rectum. Isn’t that always the case? Well, this monster from the dark wreaks bloody havoc, and only Ken can keep little Milo from killing again because, of course, he is a part of Ken.

The wonderful Ken Marino plays Ken, effortlessly funny and awkward. Gillians Jacobs, Stephen Root, Patrick Warburton, and the droll Peter Stormare round out a very hilarious cast.

When Ken is feeling ill at night, it’s not only the stress of a meaningless job, the pressure of an overbearing boss, the duties of a husband, or perhaps the spicy Mexican he had for dinner. For Ken, a sympathetic everyman who sort of has a Ray Romano thing going on here, his problem is a bigger and more painful one.

Later named Milo, there is a slimy, scary, big-eyed creature with sharp claws, vicious teeth, and a penchant for death that lives inside Ken’s intestines. He doesn’t come out the Alien type way, bursting through one’s torso, nor does he leave through Ken’s mouth as tends to be the other option in this creature feature.

No, Milo comes out, voluntarily for the most part, from Ken’s ass. If that isn’t painful enough, he returns the same way. Such is the basis for this horror comedy that decidedly makes Ken warm and funny, and really wants you to care for a creature that while creepy and weird, has a tender, almost adorable side to him.

He is a part of Ken, after all, something that has grown inside him and however violent he is – news reports his kills as raccoon attacks – there is something cute and cuddly about him. And Jacob Vaughan’s film, which he directs and co-writes, goes to this place, making things awkward and endearing, silly but not overly gross. Wacky characters inhabit Ken’s life, from his crazy therapist to oppressive boss to zany dad, familiar and hysterial.

A throwback to creature features of the 80’s (just look at the poster and you should have a solid feel for this movie), Bad Milo is unforgettable and uncomfortable, blending the absurd with the fun without ever shocking too much. Sometimes the pain inside you is a metaphor for problems you have yet to deal with, for a past you cannot escape, or for a life you cannot to deny.

And sometimes the pain inside you is a monster that wants to escape your rectum.

Should You See It?
Yes, you should – but be warned, that first trip to the bathroom afterwards may be a strange one.

[star v=4]

Anthony Marcusa

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