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Review: Bachelorette

Review: Bachelorette

The wedding of Becky brings together her three quirky but very different friends, however on the eve of the big day, things go awry in Hangover / Bridesmaids style, only without the funny. When the three girls, drunk, stoned, and emotional, accidently destroy the wedding dress, they scramble throughout the night to made amends without Becky knowing.

Who’s in It?
Kirsten Dunst (blonde) is the bitchy one who hates men but secretly wants to get married.  Lizzy Caplan (brunette) is the coke-addled and lonely one who thinks she is hideous even though she is gorgeous. Isla Fisher (redhead) is the sexy idiot who is really, really stupid. Rebel Wilson is the bride at the center, who randomly gets mad at her friends.  Aren’t they so different and quirky!? Oh, and James Marsden, Adam Scott, and Kyle Bornheimer are in the bachelor party, because there needs to be an even number of men and women so also to allow for pairing up.

An unfunny and often insulting attempt to follow in the footsteps of Bridesmaids, Leslye Headland writes and directs a cast of unlikeable and hopefully unrealistic characters across a night of absurdity.

It’s not the kind of ridiculousness that is hoped for though. What’s egregiously silly is mainly the way in which the three bridesmaids who, for reasons passing understanding are all friends with each other despite being so completely different, react to the men around them. One hates weddings and hates men in the way that too often happens with single women in movies. Another, meanwhile, is hung up on her high school flame, constantly letting him know she is available throughout the night. The third is a bit slutty, as she gets hammered and wants to hook up. Not only that, but she is made to be the villain when the guy she is with turns out to be really nice and doesn’t want to take advantage of her.

It’s a reductionist piece of drivel failing to stand out in any meaningful way. Only brief moments of random hilarity keep the film from being utterly unwatchable, as Dunst throws some entertaining bitch-fits and Fisher cracks a few good one-liners. Otherwise it’s a short-lived comedy that wishes to be more outrageous. It’s unfortunate that such a fun cast (Fisher, Scott, Wilson, Mardsen) are given such little to do.

It’s also rated R; the girls talk casually about oral sex and stripping, cursing as men and doing other unattractive things. Only, it’s meant to say something about gender and society, but it doesn’t. It only says that the creative mind behind this project thinks the film is being subversive. Not only does it fail to undermine any standard, what it’s reacting against – male domination, ladylike behavior – doesn’t really exists as a homogenous notion; it’s all empty.

Perhaps decades ago this movie would have been shocking, but now it’s just silly nonsense dressed up as meaningful; dressed up in fact, in a tattered, stained, and violated wedding gown.

Should You See It?
Maybe only if you’re throwing a bachelorette party and it entail watching awful wedding movie after awful wedding movie and you’ve already seen The Big Wedding.

Memorable Quote:
Regan, when the bride is given the wrong flowers. “F*** this, you get peonies.”

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