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Arbitrary Compilation of TV Series That Aired in 2012

2012 was a great year for TV. While many new shows quickly proved their worth and many old shows quickly proved that they’ve overstayed their welcome, the one thing that this year in television proved is that no one gives a shit about Jersey Shore anymore so everyone should stop talking about it. But after a full year of intense TV watching strictly for the purpose of this article, I am now pleased to present you with the…

Arbitrary Compilation of TV Series That Aired in 2012

Arbitrary Compilation of TV Series That Aired in 2012.

Best New Drama
The Newsroom came under a ton of negative criticism this summer when it aired its first season and every single episode seemed to be universally hated. But in fact, The Newsroom was without a doubt the best new drama of the year despite what everyone says. If you don’t believe me, read this.

Best New Drama (The Newsroom)

Best Sophomore Season
In last year’s Arbitrary Compilation New Girl won Best New Comedy. Considering that it is now in its second year, New Girl can’t win Best New Comedy again but it can win Best Sophomore Season, and since I’m in control of the list, it did win. Good job New Girl.

Best Sophomore Season (New Girl)

Worst New Show That For Some Reason People Watch
Revolution is not a good show, but for some reason it’s incredibly highly rated.

Worst New Show That For Some Reason People Watch (Revolution)

It’s Still On!?!?!
Whitney is still on TV. You’d think after its spot on last year’s list as Worst TV Show Ever To Exist…Ever it would have been cancelled… But apparently not.

It's Still On!?!?! (Whitney)

Title So Long It’s Easier To Just Not Watch It
Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23. Or is it Don’t Trust The B. Or is it Apartment 23? Oh well.

Title So Long It's Easier To Just Not Watch It (Apartment 23)

Best Cancelled Show
Last Resort was a good show… but then it got cancelled. Sorry, Last Resort. At least you tried.

Best Cancelled Show (Last Resort)

Best New Comedy
Though 2012 was the year that the totally awesome Matthew Perry came back to TV with the incredibly funny Mr. Sunshine, that show quickly got cancelled and Perry was again out of a job. But then, this Fall, Go On aired and it turned out to be even funnier than Mr. Sunshine, and it hasn’t been cancelled.

Go On

Most Improved Show
Now in its final season, The Office has enjoyed a creative resurgence this year that has led to one of the best and funniest seasons in a very long time. Maybe it’s knowing the end date, maybe it’s the return of showrunner Greg Daniels, but the one thing that’s clear is that The Office finally looks like its old self again.

Most Improved Show (The Office)

Least Improved Show
Last year American Horror Story took the prize for All Around Best New Show. This year, after completely scrapping everything about the first season and essentially becoming a completely different show, American Horror Story has not only become the least improved show, but it has become a completely awful and entirely unwatchable show that sadly shares the same title as something that was great.


Best Comedy
Another year, another Best Comedy spot on the list occupied by Parks and Recreation. There were a lot of worthy contenders this year, but ultimately Parks and Rec is too damn good to be deserving of anything less.


Best Reality Show
The special effects makeup competition show Face Off took the top prize for reality show last year, and this year it has done the same. After not one, but two incredible seasons of turning people into monsters and aliens this year, it’s clear that Face Off isn’t your ordinary, terrible, brain melting, fake-drama reality show.


Other Best Reality Show
Hot Set is exactly like Face Off, except its a competition show about building sets for movies. Its something that could only appeal to either a massive film geek or a contractor, but considering that I’m at least one of those things, I think it’s an incredible show that deserves a spot on this list.


Funniest Clip-Show
Yes, clip shows are pretty much never funny, but for the past four years Tosh.0 has been churning out amazing episode after amazing episode, and holding absolutely nothing back. Literally, nothing.


Still Funny
After 8 seasons, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is still just as funny, if not funnier, than ever before. Consistency? Check. Insanity? Check. Characters eating entire pears, sticker, core, and all? Hell yes.


Wow This Show Got Good
The Walking Dead, after a good first season and a great second season, upped the ante and has so far delivered a ridiculously amazing third season. At this point it’s impossible to predict what will come next as the writers have showed with every single episode that they are not afraid to do literally anything they want to the characters.


Best Production Value
Game of Thrones is a television phenomenon and is so much more than good production value and awesome HD visuals. But it’s production value is really good and so are it’s HD visuals, so because of that it wins this award.


Best Drama
Homeland is the Best Drama currently on TV. Case closed.


Best Wednesday Night At 9:00 Comedy
Modern Family is without a doubt one of the best comedies on TV, as well as one of the best comedies of all time. The writing is astounding, the acting is phenomenal, and even a mediocre episode is way better than almost everything on TV. So why does it get such an exclusive award that makes it seem like it’s not that good? Well, to be honest, I’m not quite sure. After all, I’m only the guy who makes up the categories, picks the shows, and writes the article. So don’t blame me.


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