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Scene Creek is a Canadian entertainment site based in Toronto, Canada, covering movies, TV, and pop culture. Here you’ll find coverage of everything from the art house to the mainstream, including exclusive interviews, movie reviews, and information about upcoming releases and events.

We’re your go-to site for the latest news about upcoming movies, awards, and film festivals around the globe. Whether you’re looking for the hottest new movie trailers or you’re ready to place your wagers for this year’s Best Picture winner, we’ve got the inside scoop you need.

We also have a special emphasis on Canadian content, including in-depth coverage of various film festivals taking place in Toronto and news on your favorite Canadian filmmakers and actors. We’ve partnered with some of the popular studios to being you exciting giveaways and passes to the hottest movies in town!

Scene Creek is a community for fans who are passionate about film culture. We’re total film junkies, so if you’re a film junkie too, you’ll find yourself right at home.