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5 Shorts to Watch at BLOOD IN THE SNOW 17

The Blood in The Snow Canadian Film Festival runs November 23rd – 26th at Th Royal Cinema in Toronto. Looking for some insight on what short films to check out? Here are 5 to watch at BITS 2017.



dir. Michael Goyert (Canadian Premiere)
A married couple playing their weekly game of “Letters” – what could go wrong? Quite a bit it turns out, when something more sinister exists below the surface of both the marriage and the game. A fun premise and a clever bit of writing make this a worthwhile watch.

dir. Tyler A. Williams (Canadian Premiere)
Behind the Curtain is a straight forward short with classic premise with strong execution. A woman, inside her home and vulnerable to intruders, wakes up after sensing a strange presence. Lauren quickly learns she is not alone and the tension builds quickly, along with her resilience. Creaking floors, record players and a number of other horror film mainstays are here but it’s done so well, you won’t mind one bit.

dir. Julian Zakrzewski (Toronto Premiere)
The Hag is a smartly constructed short that is surprisingly effective considering its uncomplicated narrative. A woman named Emily turns off the lights before bed only to realize there is someone, or something, lurking upstairs. Some really great camera work and use of light elevate this otherwise standard story and make Emily’s nightmarish experience a pleasure to watch.

dir. Sean Patrick Kelly (World Premiere)
A man with a very persistent itch on his hand does whatever it takes to find relief and rather quickly learns that the solution may have presented another similar, but considerably more challenging problem. A simple short with a playful tone, Itch will hold your attention until the satisfying conclusion.

dir. Jason Seelmann (World Premiere)
The One I Adore tells the story of a woman left behind by her romantic partner who desperately seeks a way to recapture what she lost. In what is surely one of the sleekest and more assured short at the festival, this short hits various emotional notes, builds tension, and pulls off some impressive twists and turns, all without dialogue.

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