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5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Bad Grandpa


Some people say you come of age when you’re married, some when you move out of your parent’s home, some cultures when you barmitzvah or communion or whatever.

As for my origin story – there was one true awakening of my manhood… the first time I laid eyes on Jonny Knoxville smoking a curb at 30 in a shopping cart.

Jackass changed everything.

I was a good boy, I got decent grades, played on a few school teams, generally was run-of-the-mill kid with child-like ambitions. And then some of the kids at my elementary school around grade 7 showed me jackass on a computer one of them had in their bedroom. It was a revelation of attitude, a new standard of cool – and everyone wanted to live it at least a little.

In their latest installment of the Jackass legacy they’ve stretched the “stage-setting” aspect of their craft, and plotted out a storyline complete with characters and developments. This allowed deeper interactions between participants and innocent by-standers, where going between acted scenes and staged situations bread even more intense reactions to their usual antics.

I laughed the whole movie, here are the top 5 reasons why:

1. Billy’s opening lines.
The fact that he said what he said with a straight face set an early precedent that this kid can roll with the crew. If it wasn’t for this little jem the movie would’ve fallen apart, I’m convinced there’s no other kid that could have played that roll as well, watch and see.

2. Grandpa Zisman’s balls are back and lower than ever.
Staying true to form, Knoxville makes creative use of the swingin’ bag in this one, while not a focal point like most of his skits earlier, the way he does it in this one takes him right to the limit of getting his ass handed to him.

3. The outro out-takes.
While tamer than what we’re used to, the cuts that roll during the closing credits as with most Jackass material, actually turn out funnier than some of the scenes, which had me on the floor to begin with.

4. Scared male strippers.
While greased up guys aren’t my thing (not that there’s anything wrong with that) seeing jacked-up male dancers run like scared blonde barbies in a David Blaine special made me crack a rib laughing.

5. That penguin scene.
You’ll get it when you see it, I don’t want to ruin anything, but its unreal, and the cut scenes later make it 1000x better.

Go see Bad Grandpa. Stop judging and laugh a little.

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