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5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Maleficent

The latest in the sort of Disney prequel reboot and reimaginings hits theatres this weekend, as we get to know the apparently warm and sweet woman who would grow up to be the evil Maleficent, one of the greatest Disney villains in one of the company’s most celebrated films.

Unfortunately, the story is a cheap and rushed collection of superficial ideas and predictable tropes. What’s worse is that it’s rather offensive when not downright annoying and emotionally manipulative. Here is what’s wrong with it.

1. Maleficent is a bad female role model.
The film wants us to see the real person behind the villain. What we learn in the lengthy opening is that the young fairy Maleficent was quite taken with a human boy, and they began to spend lots of time together frolicking in the forest and all around having a lovely time.

Then they grow up, and the boy disappears and never returns. That is until, many, many years later, and for reasons unknown Maleficent has neither moved on nor questioned the sudden appearance of this man (really, what is a man’s goal when he shows up out of the blue years later?). She blindly lets him in again, she gets played, and is then left in pain and scorned.

What then? She gets really upset and plots an elaborate, years-long plan to enact some revenge, and basically everything she does in her life from there on forward is because of the actions of one man who she couldn’t get over. Hardly an independent woman.


2. Babies are the savoir.
So Maleficent is pissed – but what of this cute and cuddly baby that she has cursed? It doesn’t take long before she goes from wicked witch to one of the guys out of Three Men and a Baby. Yes, because it’s a baby, and that the three pixies tending after her are completely inept, Maleficent looks over Aurora and sees her as a daughter.


3. It’s in 3D.
There is no reason for this to exist in 3D, and the fake Avatar world in which the fairies and creatures live is dull and cartoonish (not in the good way). The rest of the film is dark and bleak, made darker and more chaotic by the superfluous and money-sucking added layer.


4. It’s Joyless.
This is a PG Film; it’s not Snow White and The Huntsmen. That would have been fine if the filmmakers were opting for something dark. Maleficent is meant to be light-hearted in fact not at all a fun film. It’s has brief flashes of excitement and a couple moments that elicit chuckles, but it lacks the charm and glee that is essential and should be at the heart of these romantic and majestic Disney stories.It even goes to an exceptionally uncomfortable place early on when Maleficent basically gets drugged and well, taken advantage of.


5. It tarnishes Sleeping Beauty.
The lovely and picturesque 1959 Disney classic will overcome this setback and likely soon be disassociated with Maleficent, but while you’re watching this live-action spectacle, you might feel a bit offended and uncomfortable with the changes. A voice over tells us we’re about to hear a story that we think we know. No narrator, we do know it. You’re remembering it wrong.



Anthony Marcusa

A pop-culture consumer, Anthony seeks out what is important in entertainment and mocks what is not. Inspired by history, Anthony writes with the hope that someone, somewhere, might be affected.

  • Alicë

    You are a douche bag and your review of the movies sucks, Question did you even bother to see it or did you just watch the trailers and come up with that nonsense of a review. It is people like you who ruin movies for people and you should be duct taped to the wall till the world has seen it and then you can post your pathetic review!!

    • Marco

      I’ve seen this movie, and the reviewer has it down to a T. You, OTOH, are a petty stupid bully. SHUT UP, you’ll do the world a favour.

  • Leo Habibović Vilia

    Please movie is good , and Angelina is amazing as Maleficent.
    But you hate her, and you have not seen this movie, if you have,you would not write this stupid text.
    So lame..
    Good are we done with stupid and hateful people on this planet?!??!?

    • Ken Chang

      I saw it and disliked it. It is possible to watch this movie and not like it.

    • Alias Darker

      your taste in movie is tacky and the proof is that you like this crap . only children could like it because they’re not old enough to understand what’s wrong with it . so either you’re some peasant from Bangladesh or you’re 10 years old ( 12 now)

  • Andrew Parker

    Hey dean Anthony. You are a stupid head and you smell like poo. And your poo smells better than you because you are worse that poo. your a guy who knos nothing about movoes.

  • Apao Jr Elias

    have you ever thought about the real life of the villains in movies? this is one way to put out that all villains too have the right to have their stories to be told…

    • Alias Darker

      yes , and they deserve to pay for their crimes

  • Steph

    I think you completely missed the mark on #1. Maleficent was not seeking revenge just because she “couldn’t get over” this one man. She wanted revenge because this man basically handicapped her. Can you blame someone for wanting revenge if a part of their body was chopped off by someone they considered to be their friend?

    • Ken Chang

      But she did it wrong. She didn’t curse the man that handicapped her. She cursed his innocent child, and she should have paid the price for that in the end.

      • Alias Darker


  • orlando098

    Agree with you. I think they disrespected their original movie by totally changing the plot here (and the personalities and actions of the main characters) and stating that the movie we originally watched was lies that didn’t tell us how things really happened. As a stand alone movie it’s alright, but I wouldn’t recommend any parent with a child who loves the original to take them to see this.

    • Simon the Chicken

      Much respect, I didn’t like how they took out the fight scene at the end and replaced it with the King fighting Maleficent.

  • Haley Jacobson Weigman

    Hmm.. I disagree. I think it’s actually very anti-feminist to believe that a woman should or shouldn’t feel a certain way about their parter. Maleficent was in love. When she was scorned she was hurt. It’s not because her parter was a man. I think the story would have been represented the same way if Stefan was a woman who had hurt Maleficent. Also, the story never said she was meant to be a role-model. The likened her to both hero and villain, because people have good AND bad in them, and because we can choose to learn from our mistakes and become stronger.

    As for it not being the “original”, disney was NOT the original version anyways. Retelling fairytales is something we do all time.

    • Kyroh Lightbringer

      xept stefan has been shown devoid of good..

  • Here we have another movie that tries to make us sympathize
    with people that truly deserve death, another movie that tries to justify the
    actions of foul creatures like Maleficent by making them more human. While
    making a villain more human and relatable does have its positives and benefits,
    there is a downside to it as well. The downside is that it can produce
    tolerance of evil in us. Tolerance is poison. Were it not for tolerance of
    evil, this country and this world would not be in the horrendous shape they
    are. Media today is conditioning us into no longer being able to distinguish
    what true evil is. Those who are evil, however begrudged they are by the past
    and their vulnerability, are still evil because of their ways. However a
    monster becomes a monster, in the end, it is still a monster. The worst, most
    heinous people imaginable are being portrayed in ways that can make us love
    them, when they are clearly the ones we should be rooting against. The less able
    we are to distinguish true evil in our minds, the less we will be able to
    distinguish it in life, and the less able we are to distinguish true evil in
    life, the more we will abuse and misuse one another and wonder why in the end.

    • Alias Darker

      this comment truly deserves more upvotes but most people are too stupid for that . you’re right about everything . They did the same thing for “frozen” . the snow queen is supposed to be evil , we’re not supposed to care for her because in the true story , she stays evil until the end ( her depiction in “Narnia” is the best one so far) . Movie villains are evil for a reason , in order to fail in the end . only evil people would like a villain to succeed in the end , no matter how badass that vilain is ! ( we al have our fav villains , I LOVE watching the joker from Batman because he’s funny and his laugh is hysterical but I don’t want him to win, i want him to fail ! )

  • Ken Chang

    I know my comment is very late, but I am so glad I found your article, Anthony. This movie did so well, I was beginning to think I was the only one who disliked it. I agree with reason number 5. In my opinion, they should have just made a Maleficent prequel or a new Maleficent adventure, and not mess with the original story. I think it’s disrespectful to the original writer.