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5 Questions with Simon Pribac

The Slovenian film Exit is playing as a part of the European Union Film Festival in Toronto, in which all films are screened at the Royal Cinema from different European countries, and all screenings are free. Exit is a fascinating film about two bored couples that decide to spice up their humdrum existences by deciding to rob a bank. We had a chance to speak with one of the actors, Simon Pribac, by phone in Toronto, and he regaled us with a really fascinating story about how he made his Exit.

How did you get involved in Exit?

I got involved in an interesting way. I was in Slovenia, and I got a call for casting from the director himself. I was not expecting it at all. I was there doing an internship for a PR Agency, and all of a sudden, I got this call. One of the international, well-known Slovenian music producers gave them my number, and told them “Yeah, this guy does theatre in Canada, performance in Canada, so why don’t you give him a call”, and that’s what he did. I had a couple of years in the Electronic Music industry as a performer, so touring Europe–Germany, Spain, Ibiza, Italy, Romania–the movie was basically the result of both, the director had heard of me from the electronic music scene, and also heard that I had started acting in Toronto. I guess that was the start of my “Exit”.

What did you enjoy most about working on this movie?

Extremely enthusiastic film crew. Usually, in Slovenia, most films are state-commissioned works, and this one was one of the first tries of Independent Cinema, getting beyond very immature products. You get feel the energy. It was a lot of traveling, we spent some time in Monaco and France, and sometimes Slovenia, which was a lot of moving around, but it was definitely a memorable experience.

SloveniaCould you relate to the themes of the film?

I think that many young people in their twenties come across those thoughts, and that combined with the current social, economic and political current situation in Europe, which is in a bit of a crisis right now on various levels, it’s something to which that many people, the so-called “Lost Generation” can relate

What element of being Slovenian are which you most proud?

The culture. There are many elements that define characters in the movie that are shared with the general Canadian culture, but I am proud of the culture and the beauty of that place (Slovenia).

What does it mean to be playing as part of the E.U. Film Festival?

I think that this is a big recognition for Slovenian Independent Cinema. This is the first independent Slovenian film since this festival was created to make it into the program. This is a huge deal.