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5 Questions with Celebrity Blogger Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton is quite the controversial figure. The blogger has gained attention n recent years for his feuds with celebrities including Khloe Kardashian and Ariana Grande. Hilton no longer has to be known as the angry celebrity blogger who was accused of stalking Lady Gaga, as he now moves into the spotlight himself. Hilton is now playing Danny Tanner in Full House! The Musical Parody! We spoke with Hilton before performances began to discuss the role and his move into the spotlight.

Scene Creek: What was it about this show that made you want to get involved?

Perez Hilton: It was not really about Full House, it was mainly about the writers Tobly and Bob McSmith, knowing that they would do this well. Had I done it with somebody else whose other work I had not seen, it would have been really risky for me, because I would not feel confident that it would executed properly. I know that this is going to be so fun and that audiences are going to love it. Even Perez haters are going to love it. I guarantee it! Also, the fact that it was Full House made it extra appealing, because I feel like that show is even more ripe for parody because it was an even bigger hit than the writers’ previous parodies Saved By the Bell and Showgirls. What made Full House so iconic was that it did extremely well in the ratings, it was on for so long, and it appealed to everybody. You had all these generations that watched the show that will appreciate this take on the material they’re familiar with.

SC: What exactly is the show about?

PH: This show is about me, Danny Tanner. What’s charming about Full House is that he had this amazing ability to give these speeches that seemed to maker everything better, always without fail. Once that piano music started, everything would solve itself. In our show, something happens where he loses his ability to give these dad speeches and everything starts to go wrong. Then I start to lose my mind and I become Bob Saget. It’s both celebrating and lovingly skewering Full House.


SC: Did you always want to be an actor?

PH: I have wanted to entertain people my whole life. I have been doing that since I was a little kid, starting off by entertaining my grandparents at home by putting on shows for them. Then entertaining my classmates in high school by sharing myself with them. I remember in high school I would make mix tapes for my friends, so that was a way I gave them entertainment. In college I actually studied acting at NYU and got my degree in drama. Then I got side tracked with Perez Hilton, so this is kind of like a full circle moment for me. I have also been doing some acting throughout the last few years. In 2012 I did an off-Broadway musical called Newsical, which I have so much appreciation for because that show not only brought me back to the stage, but also brought me back to New York. I had such a good time doing that that I just knew I had to move back to New York full time after not living there for ten years. What’s great is that I still love what I do. I get to have an awesome day job and then at night I get to do this and entertain people in a different way then they’re used to.

SC: How are you preparing for the show?

PH: I’ve been taking voice lessons for three years now since did Newiscal in 2012 with this amazing vocal coach Liz Caplan who is Neil Patrick Harris’ voice teacher. She works with a lot of top Broadway talent. It will be great for that hard work to manifest itself on the stage. There will be dancing in this show, so I’ll be working on that. There are a lot of elements to the show, dancing, singing, the body language, which is very important for the role.

SC: Is it completely coincidental that the announcement of this show came just after the announcement that Netflix is reviving Full House?

PH: Bob and Tobly announced the show first, then Netflix announced it, but the revival had been rumored for a long time. It’s just serendipitous I would say.

Full House! The Musical Parody! Is on stage in Toronto until September 6th. It will then move to New York City where performances will begin on September 10th. For tickets and information visit fullhousethemusical.com.

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