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5 Memorable Johnny Depp Characters

With The Lone Ranger coming out today, looking back at some of the memorable characters that Johnny Depp has played will prepare you for his portrayal of Tonto.

5. George Jung
Johnny Depp had to portray the notorious cocaine dealer and smuggler in 2001s Blow. For an actor who at the time was in his late 30s he certainly gave it his all and delivered a very memorable performance, highlighting why he is one of the Hollywood elite today. Possibly his last memorable role where he wasn’t playing a character from his imagination, ahem Jack Sparrow.


4. Jack Sparrow
When the name Johnny Depp gets mentioned the first thing that gets said is “oh Jack Sparrow”, in a way Depp pulled a Shatner. Trekkie or not, people know the name William Shatner, Pirates of the Caribbean  fan or not people know Captain Jack Sparrow now that’s not necessarily a good thing. In the first pirates movie, Depp played Sparrow with a certain finesse that made it not so much a character but a memorable performance. However with the four sequels (yes, his portrayal of Tonto in Lone Ranger screams Jack Sparrow) he has made a joke of the character and is just seen as a joke, it may have been for the best because he still draws in the crowds and still gets a variety of roles.


3. Sweeney Todd
Now when Sweeney Todd came out, it did not get much attention. It’s a musical about a murdering barber starring Johnny Depp, Helena Boham Carter and Sasha Baron Carter (it’s quite good) and surrounding that there will always be certain concerns. Depp can sing, and he sings fantastically (certainly better than Russell Crowe). On top of Depp shocking audiences with his remarkable singing voice, the character of Sweeney Todd is dark, intentionally funny at times, and quite memorable. Depp’s performance is great, and certainly deserves a watch.


2. Mad Hatter
Well a Johnny Depp movie isn’t totally complete (within recent years) unless Tim Burton is attached to it. Depp’s portrayal of the beloved Mad Hatter from Alice In Wonderland, was truly what was needed with his energetic, charismatic, little crazy persona he delivered the goods. Some people couldn’t get past the overly CGI world but Depp’s performance is more than a memorable performance, but arguably one of his best, most memorable roles in the past decade. “Yes, yes-but you would have to be half-mad to dream me up.” Tim Burton is mad, and we’re all aware of that.


1. A Nightmare on Elm Street & 21 Jump Street
In Nightmare on Elm Street Depp was introduced to the world as a small child who was one of the many Freddy Kruger victims. He truly expressed the horror in someone being killed by what would later become a Depp role, Edward Scissorhands. Who knows, maybe that’s what attracted Burton to Depp in the first place. Secondly, Depp was known as a cop on the TV show 21 Jump Street, so his brilliant cameo in the movie adaptation was highly successful and truly fantastic. Forget Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, that movie was all about that Depp cameo!


As one finishes reading this, some may wonder why I did not chose to mention Willy Wonka, two simple words; GENE WILDER. Lone Ranger comes out today and Johnny Depp calls upon Jack Sparrow to play Tonto.